The Fight of Our Lives | Defeating the Ideological War Against the West

Production Credits

Executive Producer
George Violin
Producer & Director
Gloria Z. Greenfield
Director of Photography
Richard Chisolm
Film Editor
Alain Jakubowicz
Original Music Composed by
Jean-Michel Guirao
Music Arranged by
Jean-Michel Guirao
Sound Recordists
Dwayne Dell
G. John Garrett
Production Assistants
Oren Rosenfeld
Madison Blake
Post Production Supervisor
Artem Zuev
Audio Post-Production Coordinator
Gerard Jakubowicz, VACPOST
Sound Design
Patrick Giraudi
Sound Mixers
Xavier Sol
Zhen Jensen Chen
Re-Recording Mixer
Patrick Giraudi
Re-Recorded at
Titles & Graphics
Peter McDonald
Legal Services
Gil Breiman, Burns & Levenson, LLP
Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers, LLP
Accounting Services
Paula Screnci-Vacaro, CPA
Nardella & Taylor, LLP
"The Fight Of Our Lives" Song
Music Composed and Produced by Jean-Michel Guirao
Lyrics by Gerard Jakubowicz
Performed by Sian-Michelle Guirao