The Fight of Our Lives | Defeating the Ideological War Against the West

Ibrahim Tapson

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Institutes for the Study of Western Civilization and Organizations for the Promotion of Western Values

AHA Foundation
The AHA Foundation was established by Ayaan Hirsi Ali in 2007 to put the ideas she writes about into practice. The organization believes in liberty for all. That means liberty from female genital mutilation, honor violence and forced marriages. And it means liberty to challenge the ideology of Islamism - extremism that threatens Western civilization - with rational, Enlightenment thought. The AHA Foundation raises funds and leads programs to protect women from honor violence, to advance freedom of speech in public debate, and to support the work of Muslim reformers.

Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization
Inspired by Alexander Hamilton’s life and work, the AHI was created to help cultivate a genuinely free marketplace of ideas and promote excellence in scholarship through the study of freedom, democracy and capitalism. In furthering the conversation among individuals, campuses and organizations across the country, the AHI continues to build a legacy where evidence and argument prevail over ideology and cant.

AMCHA Initiative
The AMCHA Initiative is dedicated to investigating, documenting, educating about, and combating antisemitism at institutions of higher education in America. While diminishing antisemitic behavior is their central focus, what drives AMCHA is the desire to protect Jewish students from both direct and indirect assault and fear while attending colleges and universities. AMCHA Initiative’s research arm carries out systematic, in-depth research and analysis of antisemitic activity and has developed a comprehensive method for defining, documenting, and analyzing manifestations of antisemitic behavior on campus, as well as the institutional structures that legitimize it and allow it to flourish. AMCHA uses the results of its research and analysis to inform university administrators and the public about the antisemitic incidents, the individuals and groups that are perpetrating them, and to pressure university leaders to act. AMCHA also mobilizes community activists and has developed a model of response that can be used to impact campuses across the country.

American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA)
ACTA is an independent organization committed to academic freedom, excellence, and accountability at America's colleges and universities. Launched in 1995, it is the only organization that works with alumni, donors, trustees, and education leaders across the United States to support liberal arts education, uphold high academic standards, safeguard the free exchange of ideas on campus, and ensure that the next generation receives a philosophically rich, high-quality college education at an affordable price. In 2015, ACTA celebrated 20 years of working to improve America's system of higher education.

American Enterprise Institute
AEI is a public policy think tank dedicated to defending human dignity, expanding human potential, and building a freer and safer world. The work of AEI scholars and staff advances ideas rooted in the Institute’s belief in democracy, free enterprise, American strength and global leadership, solidarity with those at the periphery of our society, and a pluralistic, entrepreneurial culture. AEI is committed to making the intellectual, moral, and practical case for expanding freedom, increasing individual opportunity, and strengthening the free enterprise system in America and around the world. Their work explores ideas that further these goals, and AEI scholars take part in this pursuit with academic freedom. AEI operates independently of any political party and has no institutional positions. Their scholars’ conclusions are fueled by rigorous, data-driven research and broad-ranging evidence.

American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD)
AIFD’s mission is to advocate for the preservation of the founding principles of the United States Constitution, liberty and freedom, through the separation of mosque and state. AIFD is the most prominent American Muslim organization directly confronting the ideology of political Islam and openly countering the common belief that the Muslim faith is inextricably rooted to the concept of the Islamic State (Islamism). AIFD stands firmly for universal human rights – including gender equality, freedom of conscience, and freedom of speech and expression. Founded by Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, AIFD envisions a future wherein Muslims never feel a conflict between their personal faith and their commitment to individual liberty and freedom. Rather, AIFD works to empower Muslims to be primary advocates for liberty and freedom.

Canadian Institute for Jewish Research (CIJR)
An independent academic think-tank providing information about and analysis of Israel and Middle East-related issues.

Canadian Institute for the Study of Antisemitism (CISA)
CISA promotes scholarship and facilitates public education on the subject of antisemitism in its classic and contemporary forms. CISA sponsors the leading academic journal on the subject, Antisemitism Studies, published by Indiana University Press and edited by the Institute's director, Dr. Catherine Chatterley.

Center for Security Policy
The mission of the Center for Security Policy is to identify challenges and opportunities likely to affect American security, broadly defined, and to act promptly and creatively to ensure that they are the subject of focused national examination and effective action.

Christians United for Israel (CUFI)
CUFI is one of the leading Christian grassroots movements in the world. Its purpose is to provide a national association through which every pro-Israel church, parachurch organization, ministry or individual in America can speak and act with one voice in support of Israel in matters related to Biblical issues.

Community Security Service (CSS)
Founded in 2007, CSS proactively protects the people, institutions and events of the American Jewish community. Partnering with Jewish organizations, governmental authorities and the police, CSS safeguards the community by training volunteers in professional security techniques, providing physical security and raising public awareness about safety issues. CSS has a trained membership of over 3,000 volunteers, representing the rich diversity of the American Jewish community-men and women, students to retirees, the unaffiliated and adherents from all the religious streams of Judaism.

Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow
The mission of this Canadian-based organization is to reclaim Islam for securing peace for all people, and to oppose extremism, fanaticism and violence in the name of religion; and to advance among Muslims the principle of individual rights and freedoms, and for Muslims to embrace the idea of openness, of relating to others as equal and deserving of equal respect, and of defending freedom of speech as the basis of all other freedoms enunciated in the constitutions of liberal democracies. The Council considers their efforts as being consistent with the forward-looking reading of the principle enunciated in the Qur’an, “There is no compulsion in religion;” and they see their mission and vision as being intimately bound with the struggle for Enlightenment among Muslims and Reform of Islam in the modern world.They are dedicated to nurturing harmonious coexistence among people of all faith traditions, to supporting open and free intellectual discourse about Muslim history beset with problems that need to be publicly discussed, and to celebrating as Canadians their cultural diversity in all of its aspects.

David Horowitz Freedom Center
The DHFC is dedicated to the defense of free societies whose moral, cultural and economic foundations are under attack by enemies both secular and religious, at home and abroad. The Freedom Center combats the efforts of the radical left and its Islamist allies to destroy American values and disarm this country as it attempts to defend itself in a time of terror. The Freedom Center works to protect students on the nation’s campuses from indoctrination and intimidation and works to give conservative students a place in the marketplace of ideas from which they are otherwise excluded.

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)
FIRE effectively and decisively defends American liberties on behalf of thousands of students and faculty on our nation’s campuses. In case after case, FIRE brings about favorable resolutions for these individuals who continue to be challenged by those willing to deny fundamental rights and liberties within our institutions of higher education. In addition to individual case work, FIRE works nationally to inform the public about the fate of liberty on our campuses. FIRE’s work to protect fundamental rights on campus concentrates on four areas: freedom of speech and expression; religious liberty and freedom of association; freedom of conscience; and due process and legal equality on campus. Ultimately, FIRE seeks to end the debilitating fatalism that paralyzes students and faculty by bringing public attention to the issue while providing protection to those who are now helpless in the face of abuses of power on campuses across the nation.

Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD)
FDD is a policy institute focusing on foreign policy and national security. They combine policy research, democracy and counterterrorism education, strategic communications and investigative journalism in support of its mission to promote pluralism, defend democratic values and fight the ideologies that drive terrorism. FDD transforms ideas into action and policy by focusing its efforts where opinions are formed and decisions are made. FDD scholars believe that no one should be denied basic human rights including freedom of religion, speech and assembly; that no one should be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or national origin; that free and democratic nations have a right to defend themselves and an obligation to defend one another; and that terrorism – unlawful and premeditated violence against civilians to instill fear and coerce governments or societies – is always wrong and should never be condoned.

Henry Jackson Society
The Henry Jackson Society believes that modern liberal democracies set an example to which the rest of the world should aspire, and that only modern liberal democratic states are truly legitimate, and that the political or human rights pronouncements of any international or regional organization which admits undemocratic states lack the legitimacy to which they would be entitled if all their members were democracies. They support a ‘forward strategy’ – involving diplomatic, economic, cultural, and/or political means — to assist those countries that are not yet liberal and democratic to become so; the maintenance of a strong military, by the United States, the countries of the European Union and other democratic powers, armed with expeditionary capabilities with a global reach, that can protect our homelands from strategic threats, forestall terrorist attacks, and prevent genocide or massive ethnic cleansing; the necessary furtherance of European military modernization and integration under British leadership, preferably within NATO.

Heritage Foundation
The mission of The Heritage Foundation is to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

The Herzl Institute
The Herzl Institute aims to contribute to a revitalization of the Jewish people, the State of Israel, and the family of nations through a renewed encounter with the foundational ideas of Judaism. As a research institute and training center, it is dedicated to intellectual renewal, content development and capacity building in the following core areas: Jewish Political Thought, Jewish Philosophy and Theology, History of Jewish Ideas in the Christian and Islamic Worlds, History of Zionism and the State of Israel, Human Nature and Philosophical Psychology, Philosophy of Science, Interfaith Encounter and Coalition Building, The New Anti-Semitism, Higher Education and the University Curriculum, and Jewish Education and Curriculum.

Hoover Institution
With its eminent scholars and world-renowned Library and Archives, the Hoover Institution seeks to improve the human condition by advancing ideas that promote economic opportunity and prosperity, while securing and safeguarding peace for America and all mankind. The principles of individual, economic, and political freedom; private enterprise; and representative government were fundamental to the vision of Herbert Hoover, the Institution's founder. By collecting knowledge, generating ideas, and disseminating both, the Institution seeks to secure and safeguard peace, improve the human condition, and limit government intrusion into the lives of individuals.

Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism (ISGAP)
ISGAP is committed to fighting antisemitism on the battlefield of ideas. It is dedicated to scholarly research into the origins, processes, and manifestations of global antisemitism and of other forms of prejudice, including various forms of racism, as they relate to policy in an age of globalization. On the basis of this examination of antisemitism and policy, ISGAP disseminates analytical and scholarly materials to help combat hatred and promote understanding.

Institute for the Study of Western Civilization, Texas Tech University, Lubbock
The Institute for the Study of Western Civilization fosters research and discussion about the nature, origins, and future of the West; encourages the development of courses and programs on Western civilization and its classic texts; and brings to Texas Tech scholars for whom the study of Western civilization as a distinct phenomenon is a major concern. The Institute also seeks to serve American education as a whole via conferences, publications, a website, and online networks linking scholars and students at every academic level.

Intellectual Takeout
To serve as a refuge for those who want to pursue truth, rediscover the wisdom and traditions of the past, discuss ideas calmly, and apply what’s been learned to their own lives and networks.

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem
The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem was established in 1980 in recognition of the biblical significance of all of Jerusalem and its unique connection to the Jewish people. Today, it represents millions of Christians, churches and denominations to the nation and people. It recognizes in the restoration of the State of Israel God's faithfulness to His ancient covenant with the Jewish people. Its main objectives are to stand with Israel in support and friendship; to equip and teach the worldwide Church regarding God's purposes with Israel and the nations of the Middle East; to be an active voice of reconciliation between Jews, Christians and Arabs and to support the churches and congregations of the Holy Land.

International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism at the IDC, Herzliya
ICT is an independent think tank providing expertise in terrorism, counter-terrorism, homeland security, threat vulnerability, risk assessment, intelligence analysis, national security and defense policy. ICT also serves as a joint forum for international policymakers and scholars to share information and expertise through research papers, situation reports and academic publications for worldwide distribution. A number of international seminars, workshops and conferences are organized monthly by ICT to discuss and educate on global and regional issues of security, defense, and public policy in order to better facilitate the exchange of perspectives, information and proposals for policy action. Finally, ICT administers the largest public domain research database on the Internet encompassing global terrorist attacks, terrorist organizations and activists in addition to statistical reports.

Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT)
For more than two decades, the IPT has investigated the operations, funding, activities and front groups of Islamic terrorist and extremist groups in the United States and around the world. It has become a principal source of critical evidence to a wide variety of government offices and law enforcement agencies, as well as the U.S. Congress and numerous public policy forums. Research carried out by the IPT team has formed the basis for thousands of articles and television specials on the subject of radical Islamic involvement in terrorism, and has even led to successful government action against terrorists and financiers based in the United States.

The James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions, Princeton University
Under the leadership of its director, Robert P. George, and with the guidance and support of an advisory board from the worlds of law, business, philanthropy and the academy, the Madison Program sponsors and guides research and teaching at the undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral levels. Among the central concerns of the James Madison Program are: the nature of free political institutions and the cultural conditions for their establishment and maintenance; the relationship between political institutions and institutions of civil society, and that between political liberty and civic virtue; the implications of such doctrines as the rule of law, subsidiarity, and social solidarity for the scope and limits of governmental authority; federalism; the moral bases of private property and free enterprise; the constitutional separation of powers and systems of checks and balances; executive leadership; democratic deliberation and accountability; judicial independence and the scope and limits of judicial power; America's role in the world and the conduct of her relations with foreign powers; and the place of religion and religiously informed moral judgment in American public life.

James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal
Previously known as the John W. Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal is dedicated to improving higher education in North Carolina and the nation. Its goals are to increase the diversity of ideas taught, debated, and discussed on campus; encourage respect for the institutions that underlie economic prosperity and freedom of action and conscience; increase the quality of teaching and students’ commitment to learning so that they graduate with strong literacy and fundamental knowledge; and encourage cost-effective administration and governance. To accomplish this, they inform parents, students, trustees, alumni, and administrators about actual learning on campus and how it can be improved; inform taxpayers about the use and impact of their funds; find ways to acquaint students with ideas that are dismissed or marginalized on campuses today; and serve as a watchdog for legislative and administrative governance.

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA)
A multidisciplinary, independent non-profit think tank for Israel policy research and education, bringing together the best minds in the political, strategic, diplomatic and legal arenas, in Israel and abroad.

JINSA: Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
Educates the American public about the importance of an effective U.S. defense capability so that our vital interests as Americans can be safeguarded; and informs the American defense and foreign affairs community about the important role Israel can and does play in bolstering democratic interests in the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Lawfare Project
The Lawfare Project mobilizes public officials, media, jurists and legal experts to counter the international lawfare phenomenon: the abuse of the law as a weapon of war against Western democracy. Through its Legal Fund, the LP facilitates and finances offensive and defensive counter-lawfare actions regarding pressing issues that include, among others: fighting terror-front organizations operating in the United States and Canada; bigoted and unlawful international commercial discrimination based on ethnicity and national origin; and the perversion and misapplication of international and national human rights law against the United States and other democracies.

Louis D. Brandeis Center, Inc. (LDB)
LDB is an independent, non-partisan institution for public interest advocacy, research and education. The Center’s mission is to advance the civil and human rights of the Jewish people and to promote justice for all.

Middle East Forum
The Middle East Forum promotes American interests in the Middle East and protects Western values from Middle Eastern threats. The Forum sees the region — with its profusion of dictatorships, radical ideologies, existential conflicts, border disagreements, corruption, political violence, and weapons of mass destruction — as a major source of problems for the United States. Accordingly, it urges bold measures to protect Americans and their allies. In the Middle East, the Forum focus on ways to defeat radical Islam; work for Palestinian acceptance of Israel; develop strategies to contain Iran; and deal with the great advances of anarchy.  At home, the Forum emphasizes the danger of lawful Islamism; protects the freedoms of anti-Islamist authors, activists, and publishers; and works to improve Middle East studies.

National Association of Scholars (NAS)
NAS is a network of scholars and citizens united by their commitment to academic freedom, disinterested scholarship, and excellence in American higher education. Membership in NAS is open to all who share our commitment to these broad principles. NAS publishes a journal and has state and regional affiliates.

NGO Monitor
NGO Monitor was founded with the objectives of producing and distributing critical analysis and reports on the activities of the international and local NGO networks for the benefit of government policy makers, journalists, philanthropic organizations and the general public. NGO Monitor documents and publicizes distortions of human rights and international law in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict, as well as double standards and biased campaigns, and provides information and context on these issues and activities, in order to encourage informed public debate.

Philos Project
The Philos Project is a dynamic leadership community dedicated to promoting positive Christian engagement in the Middle East. Its community is non-sectarian and non-partisan and includes policymakers, politicians, journalists, ministry professionals, artists, academics, and students, among others. Philos offers educational programs, immersive travel, networking and advocacy opportunities, and innovative projects that advance liberty and justice in the region. All of our work aims to build new relationships across old boundaries and leverage those relationships in service of a better future for all. Its primary task lies in understanding Western values, where they come from, and how they inform Christian leadership; understanding the Middle East and identifying those in the region who share our values; and building values-based friendships between East and West that yield benefits for both sides.

Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights
The RWCHR is a unique international consortium of parliamentarians, scholars, jurists, human rights defenders, NGOs, and students united in the pursuit of justice, inspired by and anchored in Raoul Wallenberg’s humanitarian legacy - how one person with the compassion to care and the courage to act can confront evil, prevail, and transform history.

Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center
Shurat HaDin is a civil rights organization and world leader in combating the terrorist organizations and the regimes that support them through lawsuits litigated in courtrooms around the world. Fighting for the rights of hundreds of terror victims, Shurat HaDin seeks to bankrupt the terror groups and grind their criminal activities to a halt - one lawsuit at a time.

Simon Wiesenthal Center
The Simon Wiesenthal Center is a global Jewish human rights organization that confronts antisemitism, hate and terrorism, promotes human rights and dignity, stands with Israel, defends the safety of Jews worldwide, and teaches the lessons of the Holocaust for future generations. With a constituency of over 400,000 households in the United States, it is accredited as an NGO at international organizations including the United Nations, UNESCO, OSCE, Organization of American States (OAS), the Latin American Parliament (PARLATINO) and the Council of Europe. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the Simon Wiesenthal Center maintains offices in New York, Toronto, Miami, Chicago, Paris, Buenos Aires, and Jerusalem.

Tikvah Fund
The Tikvah Fund is a philanthropic foundation and ideas institution committed to supporting the intellectual, religious, and political leaders of the Jewish people and the Jewish State. Tikvah runs and invests in a wide range of initiatives in Israel, the United States, and around the world, including educational programs, publications, and fellowships. Its animating mission and guiding spirit is to advance Jewish excellence and Jewish flourishing in the modern age. Tikvah is politically Zionist, economically free-market oriented, culturally traditional, and theologically open-minded. Yet in all issues and subjects, they welcome vigorous debate and big arguments. Their institutes, programs, and publications all reflect this spirit of bringing forward the serious alternatives for what the Jewish future should look like, and bringing Jewish thinking and leaders into conversation with Western political, moral, and economic thought.

Westminster Institute
The Westminster Institute was established in 2009 to promote individual dignity and freedom for people throughout the world by sponsoring high-quality research, with a particular focus on the threats from extremism and radical ideologies. The Westminster Institute is an independent non-profit organization that is funded by contributions from individuals and private foundations. It receives no government funding. The Institute holds briefings and events throughout the year. The events are free and open to the public.

Zionist Organization of America
ZOA is dedicated to educating the public, elected officials, media, and college/high school students about the truth of the ongoing and relentless Arab war against Israel. ZOA is also committed to promoting strong U.S.-Israel relations. ZOA works to protect Jewish college and high school students from intimidation, harassment and discrimination, and in fighting anti-Semitism in general.

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